Securing diversified business areas based on differentiated products and becoming a leader in new markets

Based on the original core technology of ALD technology in the time/space division method

"Low Temperature/Precise Control & Vacuum/Non-Vacuum High Productivity Time/Space Division ALD"

"Normal Pressure R2R & Powder ALD"

"Mixed ALD for Power Semiconductors"

  • Memory & System IC & Power: DRAM/NAND Capacitor, TSV, Stacking, etc. High Step coverage & Unif., Impurity Free Layer and GaOx Epi for next-generation power semiconductors. deposition
  • Li-ion Battery & Energy: Passivation layer such as cathode materials and separators & perovskite solar cells to improve charging and discharging efficiency of Li-ion batteries
  • OLED & Flexible/AR/VR Display: Low-temperature/precise composition control passivation such as Flexible, Micro LED, and Micro OLED for AR/VR, and OLED next-generation channel layer (oxide semiconductor, IGZO) deposition
  • 3D/2D & Powder Coating: Functional layer and powder coating , such as improvement of heat resistance and corrosion resistance of showerhead and other parts in deposition and etching chamber, and modification of surface properties such as 2D film

Nexus Plaminar™ Series